14.1hh Welsh Mare

13 years old

Likes : Her own space , going on walks and being groomed.

Dislikes : Change , the vet and being wet.

Star is very cautious with a new client but she tries her best for everyone.

It can take a while to earn her trust but when you do the feeling of partnership working is so worth it.

Star came to us in 2015 having been passed around a lot, as a consequence of her past riding her isn't easy, so we took the view that she can take as long as she needs to recover from her past, there is no need or rush for us to ride her and that makes her perfect for working in the centre.



12.3hh Irish Gelding

6 years old

Likes: Scratches , food , and playing games.

Dislikes: Breakfast being late and being bathed .

Diego is our only boy horse , and he is incredibly laid back.

He is still young so when clients work with him sometimes he doesn't understand what they are asking, but his training improves with every session.

Diego came to live with us in 2017, he was a rescue cob that didn't grow tall enough for his last owner and so he came to us to teach horsemanship .
He is a cheeky chap who is always on the look out for a mint .



13.3 Welsh Mare

2 years old

Likes : Playing, rolling in mud , being a baby.

Dislikes : Being clean and being left alone .

We met Teddy at 5 days old , having chosen her parents and having to wait for what seemed like FOREVER for her to be born , we went to see her in May 2017 and she came home in October that year.

Her training is just starting now , we take things very slowly with her because she is very much a baby , and she doesn't do much with clients yet. but she is used for observations and some low level work.



10hh Standard Shetland Mare

4 years old

Foxy is our newest recruit , she came to us in mid January 2019 as we were looking for a quiet little mare to work in the centre and to enable us to take one or more of the other horses out and about without the remaining horse becoming lonely and upset.

In the time we have had her weve thoroughly tested her resolve and she has proven to be a solid little mare who isn't phased by anything. We look forward to seeing her develop and seeing her bringing her cheeky personality to entertain clients .