Fundraising is an important part of our business, we try to ensure that user costs are as low as possible to make the service accessible for everyone.
But to do this we have to bid for funds and run private fund raising events.

On this page we will tell you about our latest fund raising efforts and how you can help.

Our mental wellness peer support group is currently raising money to fund a hut for use in wet weather or as a rest room .
The group identified a need for a summer house type room where they could meet and relax during their sessions, so we started to think about how we could raise the money whilst we clear and prepare the area during our meetings.

We have a couple of streams on the go at the moment. firstly our Go Fund Me page , a way of raising funds directly if you would like to donate you can do so here.

We are also hosting a charity auction on the 1st of October via our Facebook page. We have had some WONDERFUL items pledged to help us raise some money .

We will update the list of pledged items here , and welcome you to join our event where the auction will be compared over a live video link.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the donations, and hope the auction goes a long way toward us reaching this next important goal.

Our heartfelt thanks to :

Lexy and The Body Shop At Home - Gift Hamper in a choice of ‘flavours’

Experience Days - Voucher for a choice of experience activity

The Brew and Bake West Hallam

P.E. Equestrian EETT - A simulator riding lesson

The Happy Horse Shop

Tip Top Tails - A bespoke handmade resin horse shoe made with your own horse hair / flowers

Sparkle Pony - 1, A personalised portrait 2, A personalised coaching session using positive reinforcement

Eco Green Equestrian

Green Tree Hypnotherapy - A series (4) of solution based hypnotherapy sessions.

Bethany Upton Photography - A personalised photo shoot with your own horses (or ours) and print package.

Thunder Hooves Trainer and Blog writer - 1, An online equine Enrichment coaching session, 2, An ‘Orbitless’ Noseband for your bitless horse.

Carolina Parish - A bespoke set of Rhythm beads

Carrot Ball - Their brand new product ! Itch Stick

Bespoke Tack Room - A Joules Gift basket.